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Liping Ma was senior scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. Her book, Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics, is quoted on all sides of discussions about how to teach mathematics in elementary schools in the United States. She has a Ph.D. from Stanford University and earned a masters degree in education from East China Normal University. In 1994, while still a graduate student at Stanford, she established Stanford Chinese School with the help of her husband, and started creating her own curriculum designed for Heritage Chinese students.

At MLP Chinese, her current focus is in developing the curriculum (such as new Grade 8) and creating teacher support content in the 教师园地 section.

销售经理:Derek Ma

Derek Ma was born in Shanghai, China and came to US in 1984 to study. He holds a EE bachelor degree and trained in web technology and web design. He worked as web administrator and web master before coming to MLP Chinese in 2009.

At MLP Chinese, he first worked on internal order management web admin at MLP Chinese. Now he is responsible for all the ordering of textbooks and other materials, and answers emails directed to

Online Homework Senior Developer:Yunyun Cai

Yunyun Cai graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai and came to the US at age 22. She earned a M.A. from Boston University and a M.S. in Engineering Software Design from Northeastern University. She had worked in the educational software industry for more than 10 years in Massachusetts before moving to Bay Area with her family.

At MLP Chinese, she develops the Online Homework web app and iPad app. She also works with Sushu and Carrie on the teacher account functions.

Website Developer: Carrie McLaughlin

Carrie McLaughlin was born and raised in the bay area and she studied interdisciplinary computing and the arts at UCSD. She has been working on various e-commerce websites, such as Yves Rocher and, since 2006.

At MLP Chinese she is making online ordering easier and is making 教师园地 a place where resources can be easily shared among teachers.

General Manager: Sushu Xia 夏苏舒

Sushu Xia was born in Shanghai and moved to the US at age 6. She was first a student of MLP Chinese, and then a teacher at Stanford Chinese School. She studied history and East Asian studies at the University of Chicago and got her M.Ed at Stanford. She taught high school history and Mandarin at Menlo School for 6 years before leaving to work at MLP Chinese. Since 2006, she has taught MLP Chinese' 中华文化巡礼。She has also taught 西游记, 二年级, and 中华文化之窗。

At MLP Chinese, she works with Yunyun to develop the Online Homework, hires and coordinates various contract artists to get the art assets that we need, manages supplies and stocking, works with Carrie to improve our website functions, and handles emails directed to